FACOTIL – Fabrica de Colas e Tintas, S.A. is a certified company in accordance to the demands of  NP EN ISO 9001:2008 norm.

Founded in 1986, FACOTIL is a family company with SME dimension.

FACOTIL’s main industrial activity regarding the manufacturing of paints, varnishes and glues started with the mother company (SPD – Sociedade Portuense de Drogas, S.A.) which was founded in 1953,  and was continued afterwards by Facotil.

The industrial unity and headquarters of the company occupies a total area of 70.000 m2  (25.000 m2 covered). These premises are property of the SPD Group and  are located in Gondomar (about 10 km from Oporto).

In 1997, a new chapter of Facotil´s history was opened with the production of powder coatings, reaching now a production capacity of 1.800 tons/year.

In 1998, the company got the licence “Qualicoat” for the powder coatings. Reinforcing and continuing its quality policy, Facotil became in 2003 a QMS certificated company in accordance with ISO 9001:2000 norm.

In Luanda, Angola, Facotil started in 2005 its industrial activity with a manufacturing unit that produces  paints, varnishes and glues.

In December 2010, Facotil acquired an industrial unit for the production of waterproofing membranes and asphalt basis products, located in Avintes (Vila Nova de Gaia).

The products Facotil manufactures are commercialized with the trade-name “TRIUNFANTE” and aim mainly the professional sector and general public.

The main consumer of TRIUNFANTE products in the industrial sector are from the building constructions, wood and furniture industries and medium metal mechanicals, not only from the  national market but also from countries like Spain, France, Germany and Portuguese-speaking African countries.

With the aim to respect and preserve the environment we will continue to invest in new clean technology products, particularly in the area of the powder coatings, aqueous and high solid solvent base products (low VOC content).